The artists behind Wool-ology

The partners


Katie Cavacco of Free Ramblin' Kids started her business in 2010 with the mission statement of “Comfortable, handmade, eco-friendly footwear for young children.”  Her vision of a local makerspace with a commitment to remake/reuse/recycle and a passion for slow fashion is a driving force behind the foundation of Wool-ology.

Audrey Lavine of Brindilles et Ficelles says,  “my train of thought has left the station,” as one handcraft melds into another. Happiest when creating something with her hands, her fascination with fiber, fabric, yarns, buttons and beads comes naturally as it has with many generations of the women in her family.

As a former theater arts professional, Audrey feels about handcrafts the same way she does about her training as a singer – first you learn how to do it the "right" way and then you learn how to do it the way that is right for you. She continues to reach beyond traditional methods and patterns, and encourages her students to do the same.

Deb Stratton has been crafting all her life and has done it all, from macrame to jewelry making to most recently needle felting. She started both wet and dry needle felting about 6 years ago, but has continued to master this craft for the business she started on Etsy. Starting her own supply company, Emma’s Garden Primitives was born! This online shop was a success right away, and allowed her to spend more time with her kids.

Deb sells supplies in her online shop and at Sheep & Shawl, and also makes items to sell at Sheep & Shawl and other local gift and craft shops.  She loves teaching her craft to others.


The artists

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