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Membership Fees:
Annual commitment @ $35 per month: $420 paid annually.
6 month commitment @ $40 per month: $240 paid every 6 months.
3 month commitment @ $45 per month: $135 paid every 3 months.

All memberships are automatically renewed, based on the anniversary of the date the application is accepted. Notice to terminate membership by the vendor or the shop must be submitted in writing no later than 10 days prior to that anniversary date.

Wool-ology offers two types of membership:

Working members make up our staff of educated crafters and artisans willing to share their time and expertise with a community of shoppers and students, as well as help with the everyday tasks of running the shop.

Non-working members may be teachers, artisans, or local vendors of any combination of wool and fiber, who do not contribute staff time.

Member responsibilities and benefits


  • Commits to 12 hours per month in support of the running of the shop.
  • 25/75% commission on sales  
  • 10% discount on classes
  • access to Makerspace when available
  • Opportunity to participate in group events
  • Inclusion in promotional materials, website, FaceBook, other social media
  • Hands-on experience in the running of a small business



  • 50/50% commission on sales     
  • Inclusion in promotional materials, website, FaceBook, other social media


Please download and submit the application along with 3 examples (photographs, attachments or web links) of your work with a $10 non-refundable jury fee, payable to Wool-ology.

The work will be judged for originality, craftmanship and attention to finished details.
Also considered will be how it will fit into the shop, both artistically and space/display requirements.

Your work should be new, in ready to sell condition, and properly marked with pertinent information and price.

If your work is approved, you will be contacted to set an appointment to finalize the process, and make arrangements to submit and display your inventory. Working members will be trained and scheduled onto the shop calendar.

If your work is approved but is a style of work already fully represented in the shop, you will have the choice of being  placed on our waiting list.

Application checklist:

◯ Application fully and legibly completed
◯ Pictures attached/linked/enclosed
◯ $10 Application Fee, payable by check to Wool-ology enclosed (or use the Paypal link below.)

Your Name


By submitting this application, you agree to all the terms and policies stated above.